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Avoid These Common Selling Mistakes

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Selling your home is an enormous undertaking. Keeping track of everything can be quite difficult, and inevitably some important tasks will fall by the wayside. Some of these mistakes can be more costly than others.


To keep focused and have the best possible experience selling your Remax Leduc home, avoid these potentially hazardous pitfalls.


Ignoring Defects

 Scaring away a buyer does not take much. Seeing a major problem with the house such as a collapsing rear deck or mildew stains in the laundry room will be taken as a giant red flag. Maintaining the buyer's interest at this point will be incredibly difficult, and he or she will probably use the opportunity for some shrewd negotiation.


Expecting them to not notice can be even worse. Often, a savvy buyer will bring in a home inspector who will quickly identify anything you tried to whitewash or sweep under the carpet.


Rather than having to explain, “Oh, that will be taken care of in a couple of weeks,” to every single person who views your home, get all major repairs and problems out of the way before listing. If you want to be extra careful, you can ask for your own home inspection to preemptively eliminate any lurking issues.


 Pricing too High


An old sales tactic is to give yourself a cushion on top of your home's value and let the buyer negotiate you down to your original expectation. That way, the buyer feels the satisfaction of having saved some money while you get to enjoy the intended sale price.


Unfortunately, this tactic does not work out as many people hope it will. Many buyers will skip looking at an unrealistically priced house. They will use factors like the average neighborhood home value or comparable property listings to come to the conclusion that your price is just too high.


Instead, many realtors actually suggest setting the price enticingly low. With this tactic you can generate more interest and subsequent offers. More people will tour your home and even if they decide it is not their cup of tea, they can pass the information on to someone else and talk up the value. Ideally, you will receive several offers and may find yourself in a bidding war.


 Not Hiring an Agent


Trying to go at it alone can be one of the biggest possible mistakes when selling your home. An agent can avoid major setbacks that come with the learning experience of selling a home. Often, a buyer's first impression will also be his or her last; a bad experience can send them running for the hills.


Instead, an experienced listing agent will have knowledge of the local market as well as general selling strategies. An agent's proven expertise can mean the difference between a house sitting on the market for months on end and an expedient sale.


To learn more about what we can do for you to get you the best possible price for your home, visit our selling services page and see what we have to offer.

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