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Leduc Realtors attempting to attract new residents into the city have it easy. I’m not referring to the literal sense in that our county is home to the Edmonton International Airport (but it helps). Instead I refer to the fact that as each year passes, our charming community of just above 25, 000 shines a little brighter. The season ending 2012 and now moving into 2013 was no different and I can honestly say it was even more cheerful than usual.


Highlights of the season in Leduc included affairs from the MacLab Centre for the Performing Arts and the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Christmas Train. However the most spirited of on-goings involved the anonymous antics of Morton the Monkey. A costumed and caped monkey delivered personalized gifts – Tim Horton’s Hot Chocolate Collection and an electronic board game - to the doorsteps of select Leduc residents with no apparent ties to one another (outside of sharing the same area code). A card was attached with a photo (above) and an inscription indirectly encouraging us to remember to share this special time of the year with friends and family – a reminder we can all use from time to time. Recipients were delighted at the act of giving yet to this day remain perplexed as to the identity of Morton the Monkey. As one of the aforementioned Leduc Realtors I must admit I wish that I could have pulled of such a fun stunt for members of our community but I would fold (blush) under the pressure if I was ever asked if I knew anything about the secret identity of the backwards Grinch. I would make a horrible superhero in disguise. I personally hope we never find out the identity of Morton (more fun that way) and better yet I hope it sparks more of the same giving spirit the following season over 300 hundred days away. Either way, many had us have exclaimed “Only in Leduc!” when we caught wind of the story and that is something to be proud of.


I write this as we leave the first week of 2013 and as we move ahead with our New Year resolutions I encourage everyone to take note of the wonderful last few weeks that we’ve enjoyed in our community and to carry forward in that very same spirit for the year ahead. If you are not yet a part of this fine community and have found this blog while searching for Leduc realty I encourage you to contact my Leduc ReMax office or call me directly, anytime, for a casual introduction at 1 (780) 463-5050. I look forward to hearing from you.


For more on the Morton the Monkey story visit the Leduc Rep website.


Morton the Monkey Leduc


Happy New Year! 

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